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Using wholesome fruits comes at a cost - everything must be done by hand.

Each fruit must be individually peeled and cut for the blender; the mixture must be hand-poured into the molds; once frozen, they must be taken out, again, by hand and then individually wrapped

Our bars are low calorie, Non-GMO Verified and Gluten Free.  

We try to keep the characteristics of each fruit, we respect the fruit. The process is a little bit more difficult and a little bit more expensive, but the end result, is worth it!

We produce in a facility where cross contamination with nuts doesn't occur as we don't manufacture any products containing nuts (other than coconut).

The Original Avocado Bar

TASTY and CREAMY. Enjoy the flavor BURST in every bite.

Don't believe us? Check out our event schedule and come give us a try.

"Fruit is KING in Brazil, and because of the warm temperatures and active lifestyles, a fruit based treat seems natural." 

The fresh fruit gives them an exceptional flavor and same creamy, velvety, sour, and crunchy texture of the fruit.

So Fruitty is the ONLY frozen fruit bar in the market with just fresh fruit and no fruit puree or fruit juice concentrate.

We want to be recognized as the most delicious and healthy frozen treats in the United States. Our products are made from 100% natural high-quality ingredients, selected fruits, no added flavor, and no food colors, giving you frozen fruit bars with exceptional texture and flavor.



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