About So Fruitty

So Fruitty's hand-made frozen fruit bars are bursting with flavor because they're made from the ripest,juiciest,and freshest fruit. So Fruitty is a healthy,delicious,convenient, and calorie controlled snack you'll love from the first taste. Our luscious fruit bars preserve the same creamy, velvety, sour, and crunchy texture of the fruit they're made from, as well as their powerhouse nutrition.


Our Bars

So Fruitty frozen fruit bars are 100% natural, made from fruit and high quality ingredients. They do not have food colors, added flavors, or hydrogenated fat, and they contain a minimum amount of added cane sugar. You’ll love the exceptional flavors and textures; they’re like eating fresh fruit in a delightfully refreshing frozen pop.



Find Us

You can find So Fruitty pops at natural foods and specialty retailers in Florida. Check Our Events Calendar for tasting events! Once you try So Fruitty Bars for yourself, you’ll be sold!

So Fruitty Bars are made in Orlando, Florida, where we have year-round access to the fresh fruit we use in our delicious fruit bars.